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The perfect environment to learn and translate global languages in reaching global opportunities. You can access myriad of an interactive virtual classroom, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) media; thus enable experiential learning.

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Go beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people.

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  • See our work samples before entrusting your works

We provide full previews of our translations without any barrier!. Judge our translation, editing, reviewing, and voice-over right on your own fingertips.

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  • Enjoy a Free limited Trial before subscribing

You can join our classes without requiring to pay. Enjoy your first-day experiencing virtual classroom and contents before settling down.

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Highly Experienced Crews

  • We have received a native culture and language exposure

Our crews have experienced staying abroad for more than a year on average!. So, you do not need to worry about our credibility as a mentor and translator.

  • An unquestionable track record

We have been translating since 2017 and received more than 50 major projects from both publishing companies and individuals. See our video profile over here:

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Glolingo offers limited promo untill the end of March 2020 for varieties of services

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Translations (Journal Article)

IDR 175/word

  • Manually translated with care
  • Validated by the expert
  • Warranty for 1x revision
  • Double checked for plagiarism
  • Double checked for mistypings
  • Realtime translations

IELTS course
(Silver Package)

IDR 2.100.000

  • Lifetime access to 10 hours-on-demand materials
  • 4x access of premium IELTS-benchmark test
  • Writing & Speaking tests and-Personalized feedback included
  • 50% refund for band score-below 4.5
  • Digital Certificate

Editing/Quality Control

IDR 150/word

  • Double checked for mistypings
  • Realtime proofreading
  • Validated by expert
  • Warranty for 2x revisions

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